Partnering and Co-Creation in a Fast-Paced Environment

Partnering and Co-Creation in a Fast-Paced Environment

Posted on October 11, 2012 by Roxanne Joffe, MagnifyGood

As a crowd of more than 150 introduced themselves at the early morning session at the 2012 NetHope Summit in Redmond, Wash., I was struck by the array of accents announcing names, organizations and countries of origin. It's a testament to NetHope’s model based on a labyrinth of global partnerships.

These relationships cross continents and cultures, underscoring the need to maximize and understand partnering. The work is agile and innovative. Because our work at TPF is based on platforms of effective partnerships and collaborations that embrace innovative processes and tenets, I was energized by the discussions, which almost always included ideas about effective partnering and innovation. The biggest take away for me was the notion that co-creation is the new model of partnering.

The following are some nuggets that emerged around this topic:

-       Partnering begins with commiserating and sharing.

-       There is an agenda shift from "do and share" to a "share and then do."

-       First ask, “How can I partner?”  rather than asking, “How can I help you with a project?”

-       Assume the responsibility of contributing to the greater outcome.

-       Going solo is no longer an option.

-       We will be known for those with whom we partner rather than our completed projects.

-       Use partnerships as a learning environment.

-       Share and amplify the harvest.

-       Trust above all else - value the faith and integrity in the relationship.

-       Let go of control.

-       Co-creation begets a solution as we act together.

-       Do not exploit weaknesses but value and leverage strengths.

-       Shift funding relationships into partnerships.

-       Owning innovation means owning the risk.

-       We move from doing and sharing and doing to doing and sharing.

-       Co-creation begets a solution as entities act together building capacity on an exponential growth curve.

-       Trust is a key element for fostering success.

-       Innovation is meaningless without mass adoption.

-       Pilots are a bridge to nowhere – rather use phase 1 as a descriptor.

As I write this, I marvel at NetHope’s nimble, inclusive and innovative approach while they create new realities.

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