Outstanding Season of Sharing Impact Boosts Suncoast Resiliency

Outstanding Season of Sharing Impact Boosts Suncoast Resiliency

Posted on February 13, 2023 by The Patterson Foundation
The Suncoast’s resiliency has certainly been tested often in recent years, perhaps never more so than the months since Hurricane Ian disrupted the lives and livelihoods of many in our region. As communities have faced these difficulties, they have seldom had to do so alone, thanks to the selflessness of others. Even as they navigate challenges of their own, thousands throughout Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota counties continue to step up to help their neighbors get back on their feet.

Our region’s shared commitment to helping people, organizations, and communities weather significant disasters has long inspired The Patterson Foundation’s support for opportunities such as Season of Sharing, which provides givers throughout the Suncoast an outlet for their generosity. Under the dedicated watch of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and the Herald-Tribune Media Group, Season of Sharing has forged a reputation of excellence in safeguarding people and families in times when undue financial hardship threatens their dignity and security. By covering emergency payments for crucial expenses such as rent, transportation, or utility bills, Season of Sharing has protected 44,500 people in Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota counties from succumbing to the worst outcomes of an unexpected disaster.

The outstanding $3.67 million raised by our region during the 2022-2023 iteration of Season of Sharing illustrates the power of that altruistic commitment. Despite the recent struggles felt in some way by all who call our region home, the need to help others — and our awareness of this opportunity to do so — prevailed once more. Along the way, The Patterson Foundation provided a total of six separate $100,000 contributions for every $500,000 raised by our region to sustain donor momentum throughout the campaign.

What makes our region’s achievement through Season of Sharing all the more remarkable is the knowledge that it came following another inspiring outpouring of generosity in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Opportunities such as the Suncoast Disaster Recovery Fund sparked donors throughout our region and beyond into action within days of landfall while highlighting the long-term recovery needs our area would face. Despite contributing over $5 million to his fund — including $1,250,000 in additional matching and catalytic gifts from The Patterson Foundation — our givers remained steadfast in their commitment to leveraging the trusted model Season of Sharing has built over the past two decades.

The $1.85 million in total catalytic funds contributed by The Patterson Foundation to both Season of Sharing and the Suncoast Disaster Recovery Fund is a reflection of our belief in the philanthropic bedrock of our region and what it can do when summoned. That generous spirit has shown through once more in ways that will strengthen people, organizations, and communities as they cope, adapt, and innovate through crises, such as Ian.

The Patterson Foundation is grateful for its continued role in Season of Sharing’s collaborative impact, one made possible through the contributions of many players — from the leadership of the Community Foundation and Herald-Tribune to the donations of time and effort from more than 50 human-service organizations to ensure that every dollar donated to Season of Sharing benefits people emerging from an unexpected crisis. Most of all, we thank the generous givers in our region who continue to capitalize on the opportunities Season of Sharing makes possible.

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