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Nonprofits Get the Chance to Reboot & Refresh

Posted on September 17, 2021 by Connor LaGrange, TPF Fellow 2021/23
The Patterson Foundation (TPF) strengthens nonprofit organizations in a variety of ways and initiatives. Two of these initiatives are the Giving Challenge and Nonprofit Thrivability. Included in the Nonprofit Thrivability initiative is Margin & Mission Ignition (MMI). MMI allows nonprofits to gain expert guidance from consultants Mike Oxman and Larry Clark, founding partners of No Margin, No Mission, to explore new ways of building diverse revenue sources. This exploration offers organizations a chance to create earned-income ventures which help expand their capacity to do good.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an utter disturbance to the rhythms of life. This is especially true for nonprofits. Organizations faced many challenges over the last eighteen months. These challenges remind us that we are all continually moving from a state of coping to adapting to innovating and back again.

However, albeit slowly, the world is beginning to spin again. TPF and No Margin, No Mission recognized organizations that previously participated in MMI might have been forced to adjust or shut down their earned-income ventures.

A collaborative idea was formed. TPF and No Margin, No Mission decided to partner together again to offer MMI alumni the opportunity to reboot and refresh their earned-income initiatives. MMI's Reboot & Refresh is just what it sounds like -- a chance for nonprofits to reimagine and retool any previous earned-income ventures started during MMI consulting "marathons."

TPF held an information session attended by twenty-plus individuals from organizations in the MMI family. The information session was a chance for No Margin, No Mission to outline the Reboot & Refresh initiative and offer the space for organizations to ask any questions they may have. Reboot & Refresh will exist as a consulting "sprint" rather than the typical MMI 30-month consulting marathon. Organizations who fill out an advancement packet wishing to continue will be involved in five to seven weeks of targeted consulting from No Margin, No Mission (one hour per week). Once No Margin, No Mission helps Reboot & Refresh organizations' earned-income ventures, TPF will host a knowledge-sharing session to discuss successes and lessons.

During the information session, nonprofits were thrilled at the prospects of continuing a relationship with No Margin, No Mission and TPF. Organizations stated, "What took you so long?!" or "The timing of this could not be more perfect!"

Larry and Mike were overjoyed at the prospects of working again with organizations striving to create sustainability for their nonprofits through earned-income ventures. "This is a really special group." Larry Clark said.

TPF and No Margin, No Mission will be reviewing organizations' advancement packets and starting consulting sprints in the coming weeks. The TPF Fellows will also be engaged in the consulting sprints providing another set of eyes and ears as organizations move forward with their plans. The hope is that nonprofits can kick start their earned-income ventures and get their organization's revenue streams back on track. MMI's Reboot & Refresh is yet another example of TPF's continued dedication to evolving to fit the needs of its community.

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