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How Did the Reboot & Refresh Bring Value to Our Organization?

Posted on October 27, 2022 by Jillian Price, Florida Cultural Group, Inc.
Manatee Performing Arts Center found great value in our Reboot & Refresh sessions. Our team learned how to stretch themselves beyond our initial business plan. By thoroughly reviewing our written plan, rental procedures, client policies, rental contract, and facility care program, our team was able to close discovered loopholes in regards to liability, better articulate day of expectations, and provide a more detailed picture of our client's event needs to all involved.

We first began by reviewing each document, creating consistent language throughout. By having an outsider's perspective, one familiar with reading and writing agreements, we could find areas that greatly benefited from more defined clauses. This type of feedback ensured that our clients clearly understood our policies, expectations, and the agreement they were signing.

The last sessions focused on our renter policies. After focusing on each specific policy in place, we better understood the rationale behind them. Consequently, it opened the door for a more in-depth discussion in our monthly safety meeting. Not only did this become a learning opportunity for everyone in our organization, but it also provided insight into safety policies that were generally understood but not clearly outlined to our clients.

To reiterate, what first began as a consultation to better our organization, quickly became a conduit to education for our entire team. We learned not only the importance of language when writing agreements but also the importance of our safety program, procedures, and staff.

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