Fueling Dynamic Fundraising Fills Three Nonprofit Organization’s Tanks and Prepares Them for a Smoother Drive Into the Future

Fueling Dynamic Fundraising Fills Three Nonprofit Organization’s Tanks and Prepares Them for a Smoother Drive Into the Future

Posted on December 16, 2021 by John Ferguson, TPF Fellow 2020/21
In October 2021, The Patterson Foundation (TPF) officially launched a new pilot offering within the Nonprofit Thrivability umbrella: Fueling Dynamic Fundraising (FDF).

Through a partnership with The Fund Raising School (TFRS) at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, the first portion of FDF, a custom-designed version of the Purposeful Boards, Powerful Fundraising course, was taught virtually over six consecutive weeks by TFRS Director Dr. Bill Stanczykiewicz and is now complete.

CEOs (3), key staff (4), and board members (7!) representing three forward-focused organizations, Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center, Samaritan Counseling Services, and Visual Arts Center of Punta Gorda, served as our pioneers, forging the path ahead and leading the way for those who will follow.

Shortly after the completion of the first portion of FDF (the six sessions led by TFRS), these organizations participated in a Knowledge Sharing Session (KSS) to share insights and learnings from their experience so far with each other and with TPF as we seek to continuously improve and evolve the program to be as impactful and transformative as possible as participants strive to become more and more thrivable–this time through the lens of their fundraising programs.

And what a rich, engaging KSS it was!

Each participant shared how impactful their experience had been through their responses to various questions, each designed for them to highlight important learnings and/or opportunities to strengthen through the consulting phase of FDF. Some shared how affirming the course sessions with TFRS were, and some shared how the content was new to them (or presented in a new light) and inspired new possibilities for themselves and/or their organizations. Others focused on how they plan to implement new ideas over the course of the next year with support throughout the consulting phase of FDF.

An unexpected additional benefit came to light as well. These three organizations all plan to stay in touch and continue to build their connective tissue with each other as they strengthen their fundraising programs, learning from and contributing to each other’s successes. Now that’s the very definition of a cohort! Oh, the possibilities ahead.

And speaking of the possibilities ahead…as this initial cohort prepares to move on to the second portion of FDF (the year-long consulting phase), organizations who have already completed another Nonprofit Thrivability offering through TPF (either Margin & Mission Ignition (MMI) and Advancing Mission Thrivability (AMT)) will be able to apply for consideration to participate in the second cohort of the FDF Pilot!

Exciting times are ahead for our initial FDF cohort and every organization that participates in the future. From the early feedback TPF and TFRS has received, it is clear we are onto something uniquely worthwhile. Fueling Dynamic Fundraising will continue to evolve and strengthen participating nonprofits for years to come, enhancing their fundraising programs through the board/staff/CEO partnership and inspiring innovative ways to keep advancing their missions and thrive into the future.

As our pioneers rev their engines, ready to drive off towards thrivability, we can’t wait to see who fuels their fundraising tank up next. Stay tuned for more later, but for now: off they go.

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