2023 is upon us. Whether we are ready for it or not, we have quickly found ourselves turning the calendar over and heading into the unknown.

But is it really the unknown?

One of the most perplexing statements I hear is “New Year, New Me.” I understand the sentiment, but to me, these are empty words. A calendar flip does not change us; our experiences and learnings help propel us in a new direction and make us who we are.

2022 was a year filled with absolute heartache and triumph. I have never seen hills and valleys more distinct than in the past 365 days of my life. 2022 taught me more about who I am as a professional than any other span of time. I touched on diverse initiatives at The Patterson Foundation, gleaned learnings from thought leaders in the third sector from around the country, and saw my trajectory in this sector. As the New Year unfolds, life is not new, ideas are not new, and instances are not new; they are simply clearer.

As I see the ripple effects of the work, I realize impact drives me.

A leader I learned from is Rich Harwood. Paraphrasing one of my favorite statements of his, “Stop talking; start taking action.” Whether small or large, quiet or loud, I love pointing to something and saying, “look at what we accomplished!”

Talking is great, doing is unmatched. I cannot wait for 2023 to be a year of doing.

It is not a New Year, New Me. It is a New Year and an ever-evolving me. Ready to take on new learnings and find out what the future has in store for me, The Patterson Foundation, and the world beyond.

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