Debra Jacobs sharing MMI in the Hall of Outsized Impact

Margin & Mission Ignition...Yes, a Model that Can Be Replicated!

Posted on October 02, 2018 by Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation

Every two years, Exponent Philanthropy (ExPhil) welcomes nearly 1,000 passionaries to its national conference where funders with minimal staff meet to connect, learn, and share. ExPhil offers its members the opportunity to share highlights in the Hall of Outsized Impact, and The Patterson Foundation (TPF) has been honored to be selected each time we have applied. This year, TPF spotlighted Margin & Mission Ignition, an initiative where nonprofits who have demonstrated the Leadership, Willingness, Readiness, Capacity, and Culture are invited to undertake a 30-month rigorous business-planning, implementation, and coaching process that builds their thrivability and strengthens their organization in countless ways.

ngoImportance of Alignment

During the one-hour Outsized Impact poster walk, it was affirming to engage with so many individuals intrigued with Margin & Mission Ignition (MMI) and explore many questions on how it might fit with their foundation’s work.

A variety of takeaways included:
  • MMI is a model that has evolved over the last four years and has been enhanced each year from TPF’s learnings. Any Funder could replicate, benefiting from TPF’s experience.

  • While TPF funds MMI only in its region, TPF welcomes the opportunity to share the process with anyone, so others can bring MMI to their communities without inventing the practice.

  • No Margin, No Mission is TPF’s partner in delivering MMI. They work across the nation coming from Tacoma and Chicago to clients pursuing a more vibrant nonprofit sector. They can contract directly with a single organization or work through an MMI process with multiple organizations.

TPF welcomes the opportunity to share MMI....we are just a click away!

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