Lt. Gen. Jerry Hilmes Inspires Community Partners at Legacy of Valor Kickoff

Posted on April 09, 2013 by The Patterson Foundation

During an inspiring kickoff to the Legacy of Valor campaign, Lt. Gen. Jerry Hilmes, U.S. Army (Ret.), gave a heartfelt speech about the role of our community in honoring the service of all our military and their families.

Speaking at a luncheon signifying the launch of Legacy of Valor, a community connecting campaign honoring the service and sacrifice of all servicemen and women leading up to the spring 2014 dedication of Patriot Plaza, Lt. Gen. Hilmes spoke of the importance of providing unwavering support.

“Veterans of all ages watch what happens to the older ones. As they watch how
older vets are treated, they form opinions and expectations," he said. "This affects: enlistments, retention and morale; vital factors in today's volunteer military.”

Lt. Gen. Hilmes then went on to praise the Legacy of Valor partners for their work honoring veterans. He especially highlighted Sarasota National Cemetery and The Patterson Foundation’s partnership with the National Cemetery Administration to create a lasting legacy honoring the servicemen and women at their final resting place.

“Their work is done; it's time for a grateful nation to say thanks, well done; and welcome to a place where you'll rest in peace,” he said. “It's also a place to visit:
families bringing grandkids to their vet's site and relating experiences, recounting acts
of selfless service, and the recognition they engendered, as the quiet heroes watch and smile.”

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