Legacy of Valor partnerships shine under the Big Top and beyond

Legacy of Valor partnerships shine under the Big Top and beyond

Posted on February 28, 2014 by Ryan Simonson

Since the beginning of February, I, along with my consultant colleagues, have represented The Patterson Foundation's Legacy of Valor campaign at Circus Sarasota during its WONDERSTRUCK performances.

The Circus Arts Conservatory -- including Circus Sarasota and Sailor Circus -- is a proud partner of the Legacy of Valor campaign. I have been blessed through many amazing discussions with fans and performers about the great personalities at work in Sarasota. But the one common thread was this: The Ringmaster!

A circus ringmaster is an essential part of the performance and must have some specific qualities, such as  a booming commanding voice. It is, after all, the ringmaster's responsibility to direct the attention of the public to the important events about to transpire.

Ringmasters must have tireless bodies, so they can run around the stadium to perch in the perfect dramatic spot for announcements. They must have critical minds to keep track of the hundreds of performers and the exact time when each will take the stage. This is particularly essential because the ringmaster not only announces the acts, but also controls the flow of the show to ensure dramatic effect and allow time for applause. In essence, a ringmaster is just like any one of the 100 community partners The Patterson Foundation works with through its Legacy of Valor campaign honoring veterans in Southwest Florida.

The partners of the Legacy of Valor campaign constantly track one another and direct their constituents to support or reinforce as necessary. Their astute command of social media is just like the booming voice of the ringmaster, directing others to additional opportunities honoring veterans. The tireless staff members control the pace and timing of all community events to prevent overloading any one day or week and ensure that our community is both better aware of the sacrifice of veterans and their families and continue to contribute to honoring them.

Just as the ringmaster is the face of the circus , I can imagine no better representative for Sarasota than the Legacy of Valor Partners. I’m proud to work with them behind the scenes and have seen first hand, the way our community lights up with cheers and applause every time they take the center stage!

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