Through a collaboration with the Indiana University Indianapolis Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, The Patterson Foundation's Nonprofit Internship Program connects students at the school with opportunities at nonprofits in the Suncoast region. A successful internship results in students gaining priceless experience and insight into nonprofit work, while a nonprofit gains valuable completed projects from students educated at the world's first school of philanthropy. The Patterson Foundation aspires to strengthen students and regional nonprofits through the Nonprofit Internship Program to build a stronger philanthropic sector and society.

Prior to joining The Patterson Foundation in June 2023, I participated in the Nonprofit Internship Program as a student at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. In fall 2021, I took on the first stages of developing a volunteer management system at Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson's in Sarasota, Florida, and gained experience in process management and community engagement. A year later, as an intern at the Lemur Conservation Foundation in Myakka City, Florida, I strengthened my strategic communication skills by developing monthly communication outlines for the organization and developed language for its GivingTuesday campaign. These experiences provided me with skills that I now implement in my work each day.

While this program was a marvelous experience for me, it soon became apparent as I took on the management that many students had no knowledge of the Nonprofit Internship Program. With this awareness and my own lived experience, I approached management as an opportunity to engage students through various media platforms. I focused on gathering profiles that appealed to students and had conversations with nonprofits about students' needs and interests to ensure that the opportunities were all mutually beneficial for our student interns and our nonprofit partners.

Prior to taking on the management of the program, there had been three completed internships, and I was two of those. Since then, I have worked with nine interns and nine different nonprofits, three of which have active internships occurring now. The work we have done in the last six months to evolve this program has allowed me to expand the internship profiles each semester and increased student interest in the program. We currently have ten internship profiles set for the Summer and Fall 2024 semesters. You can learn about those positions below, and if you are a student at the school or a registered nonprofit on The Giving Partner, we encourage you to participate.

Summer 2024 Profiles:
Art Center Sarasota: The Community Impact Analyst Intern will assist with developing a creative impact report for current and prospective donors through data from Donor Perfect and conducting interviews with ACS constituents for 150 hours/one summer.

Sarasota Chalk Festival: The Sustainability Intern will lead a two-part initiative: 1) Create a social media marketing campaign building anticipation for the November 2024 Chalk Festival and 2) Assist CEO with research and identification of grant opportunities at the local, state, national, and international levels, with a primary focus on arts and education funding for 150 hours/one summer.

Girls on the Run SWFL: The Program Development Intern will further develop professional skills and gain experience with program development, volunteer management, human resource management, and stewardship for 150 hours/one summer.

Mayor's Feed the Hungry Program: The Fund Raising Planner/Analyst Intern will assist with developing unique strategies for top donors through major gifts or planned giving for150 hours/one summer.

North Port Symphony: The North Port Symphony Summer Intern will work closely with our Executive Director, assisting in various aspects of orchestra and non-profit management and operations for 150 hours/one summer.

Fall 2024 Profiles:
Links2Success: The Program and Development Intern at Links2Success will play a crucial role by assisting with strategic planning, designing and implementing workshops, creating job descriptions for new roles, assisting with fundraising activities, engaging in community outreach efforts and more for 150 hours/one semester.

Child Evangelical Fellowship Manasota: The Social Media and Special Event Planning/Management Intern will 1) Manage and enhance CEF Manasota's social media presence and 2) Assist the team in improving its annual fundraising banquet (Reach Night) and charity golf scramble to be an asset that creates substantial growth and additional outreach opportunities for the ministry.

Gilstad Literacy Foundation (Dolly Parton Imagination Library): The Development Analyst Intern will assist with identifying gaps in GLF's funding structure, understanding and implementing the Fundraising Cycle, establishing an Annual Fund plan, and developing and implementing a successful Giving Tuesday program during 150 hours/one semester.

Healthy Teens: The Annual Fund Development Intern will assist with developing strategies for growing a $100,000 annual fund through an internship of 150 hours over one semester. The Intern will also gain skills in researching and identifying donor prospects and opportunities through working within the Healthy Teens current database and donor giving records.

Operation Warrior Resolution: The Fundraising Intern will join the Operation Warrior Resolution team remotely, focusing on innovative fundraising strategies to identify and attract contributions from key donors. This role provides an opportunity to gain practical experience in fundraising, donor engagement, and development strategy.

If you are a student or a nonprofit interested in learning more about the Nonprofit Internship Program at The Patterson Foundation please reach out to TPF Fellow Avery Crews Prado de Lima:

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