Initiative to focus on targeted efforts in 2011

Posted on December 21, 2010 by The Patterson Foundation

By Janet Coats


All of this returns us to the need we identified early in 2010: The need for a network of innovation.

Our approach has changed: We have moved from developing an overall network to focusing on smaller, more targeted efforts. But what we have learned about the needs of journalism innovators remains the same:

  • A need to identify other practitioners who share your goals, your values and your challenges
  • A need for those practitioners to collaborate in real time, across distance
  • A need to have that collaboration inform training, learning and tools development
  • A need to archive learnings and make them searchable, so that practitioners can build on a base of shared knowledge.

How communities express those needs will vary. In 2011, we will learn about what collaboration looks like in two very distinct communities. Our learnings will inform the work of both of those communities, and we hope, will be useful in seeding the principles of healthy network development in other journalism communities.

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