Initiative helps homelessness agencies move to greater impact

Initiative helps homelessness agencies move to greater impact

Posted on May 25, 2014 by The Patterson Foundation

Homelessness in Sarasota is receiving much attention, especially following the recommendations from Dr. Robert Marbut's assessment of the issue. As a community, we have the responsibility to do something about it. Acting as a citizen of this region, The Patterson Foundation has the flexibility, opportunity and responsibility to use resources to help this community reach its aspiration.

Agencies working to improve the lives of Sarasota’s homeless residents will have the opportunity to amplify their effectiveness as they participate in our new Recoding Organizational DNA Initiative.

Each agency is part of the overall tapestry of our community’s efforts and each has staff, boards, volunteers, donors and beneficiaries who deserve time and expertise to take their work to greater heights.  None are obligated to participate, but we know that when people work to move beyond “what is” into “what can be,” impact increases.

Created with Marbut Consulting, the initiative aspires to facilitate the transition of Sarasota’s homelessness agencies from enabling to engaging, system-centric, and outcome-measured organizations. It will give agencies a platform to deepen their respective approaches to align with the overall community plan.

During six “labs” – or workshops – focused on different aspects of organizational development, participating agencies will learn how to implement innovative approaches to leadership, communications, stakeholder engagement and funding. By strengthening internal operations of agencies serving the homeless, the initiative is designed to increase impact as the organizations work on their own plans while sharing and learning from each other.

Agencies will be invited to participate and will be selected per guidelines of commitment. Recoding Organizational DNA will launch with its first lab July 11, and the series will conclude January 2015.

The Recoding Organizational DNA Initiative is led by Michael Corley - To learn more visit the Recoding Organizational DNA initiative page.

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