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Honoring & Onward: Celebrating & Strengthening a Decade of Impact

Posted on December 13, 2019 by The Patterson Foundation
On January 6, 2010, a foundation launched in Sarasota, Florida, under an unfettered charter to do good and do it well while enlisting the expertise of a diverse group of consultants supported by agile staff.

Through its nine initial Legacy Initiatives honoring Dorothy Patterson and the Patterson family’s legacy, The Patterson Foundation honed its innovative approach to making a difference in our world — focusing on strengthening the impact of people, organizations and communities that are working toward fulfilling shared aspirations, in ways that encourage diverse participation and foster opportunities for these changemakers to learn, share, and evolve with one another.

A decade and 25 additional completed and ongoing initiatives later, The Patterson Foundation honors those who have embraced and strengthened their impact through this approach while pursuing further opportunities to continue these collaborative efforts in its ongoing journey.

Honoring & Onward is a celebration of The Patterson Foundation’s decade of impact through people, organizations, and communities while continuing to connect, learn, share, evolve, and strengthen their efforts to realize shared aspirations. In this multi-faceted engagement taking place throughout 2020, Honoring & Onward will:
  • Celebrate how The Patterson Foundation’s work is making a difference
  • Engage people, organizations and communities in a variety of endeavors
  • Demonstrate how past initiatives inform future endeavors
  • Heighten understanding of The Patterson Foundation’s approach to philanthropy and focus 
  • Inspire onward actions to realize community aspirations
Be sure to check throughout the year for highlights from Honoring & Onward engagements, along with opportunities to take part in the celebration.

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