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History in the Making: The Age-Friendly Festival!

Posted on October 23, 2017 by Bob Carter
After months of planning, the AGE-FRIENDLY FESTIVAL will come to life this Saturday, October 28, 2017. The Sarasota Fairgrounds will be filled with over 125 interactive exhibits, hands-on experiences, education sessions, and entertainment on stage. Food trucks will be there for gastronomic pleasures. This unprecedented event will truly be fun, #ForAllAges - and it’s FREE, as a gift to the community from The Patterson Foundation.

Quick background: Why the Festival?
  • We are living in historic demographic times, a world-wide Longevity Revolution. During the last century, life expectancy increased by over 30 years. This expanded life-span offers both great gifts and unique challenges to individuals, families, and communities.
  • The World Health Organization in 2006 created an Age-Friendly Communities focus, encouraging and supporting local attention and action for a rapidly aging world. AARP supports this effort, focusing on livable communities for all ages.
  • Globally, there are now over 500 communities in 37 countries engaged in the Age-Friendly Communities Movement.
  • In 2015, Sarasota County was the 1st community in Florida to join this vital effort through Resolution by the Board of County Commissioners and financial support of The Patterson Foundation.
  • There is a very special significance to Sarasota County helping to lead this movement. Demographically, it’s the oldest county in the U.S. (with populations over 300,000), an epicenter for the Longevity Revolution and with an historic role in creating its future.
  • Since its inception, Age-Friendly Sarasota has actively identified community Assets and Aspirations. Multi-sectors have been engaged: people, government, businesses, nonprofits, and media.
  • Outstanding age-friendly accomplishments and features have been identified, though often not receiving the acknowledgment or publicity warranted.
  • Many have been recognized as Age-Friendly Advancers – advancing the local (and global) Age-Friendly Movement.
Now it’s time for our entire community to learn about Age-Friendly, to meet the Advancers, to recognize their achievement, to engage ourselves. As our community raises the bar on quality-of-life, the first-ever Age-Friendly Festival in our nation is where we make history – together.

The exhibits, experiences and educational activities will expand our possibilities and create new realities. The entertainment and food trucks will add to a joyous, fun-filled day. As the Festival promo says: Enjoy… Experience…Energize. Along the way, become part of history and our ever-growing Age-Friendly Movement.

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