Photo: Solar system with stats from the Giving Challenge — $19.1 MILLION Raised, 686 Nonprofits, 58,947 Donors

Giving Challenge Proves That Everyone Can Be a Philanthropist

Posted on August 30, 2020 by The Patterson Foundation

The Patterson Foundation knows that each one of us has the capacity to be a philanthropist and that our world is full of possibilitarians working to create a better future for those dear to them and the communities they serve. This philosophy is manifested through the Giving Challenge, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County's giving day.

The Giving Challenge encourages people to 'Be the One' to make a difference by supporting the various causes and organizations working to strengthen the lives of so many — and our community always answers the call.

Despite this year's Giving Challenge taking place in the height of a pandemic that has left many uncertain about what's to come, 58,947 everyday philanthropists propelled the annual giving day to new heights, raising a record $19.1 million to support 686 participating nonprofit organizations.

Of those who gave, 895 gave to ten or more organizations, while 40,000 contributed to one nonprofit. Beyond their initial Giving Challenge contributions, donors were committed to ensuring that the organizations they supported received 100% of their gift — with 89% of them opting to cover the fundraising platform's transaction fees. Each of these considerations in giving further illustrates just how generous our region really is.

Knowing that everyday philanthropists create stronger outcomes when working together, TPF strives to be a catalyst for good, supporting people, organizations, and communities in their endeavors toward addressing shared aspirations.

The Giving Challenge's collaborative nature aligns with TPF's catalytic approach to philanthropy, and the Foundation supports the challenge in a way that ignites the generosity flowing throughout our region.

One way that TPF strengthened this 24-hour day of giving was by matching all unique donations 1:1, from $25 and up to $100. The match not only inspired continued giving, but it also maximized the potential of each generous donor's gift. Every donation makes a difference during the Giving Challenge, and among those who gave this year, 23,000 contributed just $25 — truly showcasing the impact of everyday philanthropists coming together.

While organizations started working on their Giving Challenge plans a year prior, the emergence of the pandemic thrust our everyday lives into a new reality, forcing nonprofits to quickly shift their strategies in just a month's time. TPF encouraged participating nonprofits to rethink their Giving Challenge plans and discover new ways to deliver them, contributing to their efforts by supporting their communications and outreach.

As they often do, these organizations rose to the challenge and came out resilient, optimizing new pathways to reach current and would-be donors. From stories of impact, behind-the-scenes videos of their work, and the Giving Challenge's universal rallying cry, social media channels were flooded with messages inspiring individuals to #BetheOne to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Although this year's Giving Challenge brought forth challenges, it made room for organizations to go beyond traditional approaches to create new realities and possibilities for their missions and the community. TPF is continually inspired by the individuals in our region and is proud to support the Giving Challenge in a way that uses real dollars to amplify the generosity of others.

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