Photo: Fueling Dynamic Fundraising Thrive & Dine 2023

Fueling Dynamic Fundraising: Thrive & Dine Event Unites Nonprofits for a Knowledge-Sharing Session

Posted on June 12, 2023
Author's note: Fueling Dynamic Fundraising strengthens organizations' fundraising results. Additional opportunities for participation will be coming soon.

Fueling Dynamic Fundraising (FDF) recently held its Thrive & Dine event, bringing together nonprofit organizations from its first two pilot cohorts. For the FDF pilot cohorts, The Patterson Foundation partnered with The Fund Raising School to provide custom-designed fundraising courses emphasizing the board/CEO/staff partnership to help those nonprofits become more thrivable as they serve the community.

Sharing knowledge, at the heart of everything we do, came to life on May 16. We started the day in true TPF fashion – with delicious food, sweet treats, and focused time to reconnect with each other in person. Board members, CEOs/EDs, and key staff were in attendance to connect and learn. This multi-stakeholder approach allows for unique perspectives to help increase learning and understanding for each participant.

Three nonprofits explained an adjustment they made because they participated in FDF.

Key learnings
  • Samaritan Counseling Services of the Gulf Coast former Board President Marlene Petro shared how they shifted their board meeting schedule and attention to allow for more focused discussions on fundraising. A board retreat provided members with an understanding that their role in fundraising is much more than asking for money.
  • Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson's Executive Director Sara Grivetti shared their new practice of meeting with each board member to create individual board member action plans. She explained the experience of meeting with board members to discuss how they planned to engage in fundraising. These meetings allowed board members to plan their personal giving and think creatively about inviting others to support the organization.
  • Military Heritage Museum Executive Director Gary Butler walked us through their creation of a comprehensive development plan. Their plan defined fundraising activities for every part of the team – staff, board members, and volunteers – and encouraged everyone to be an active participant.

In the spirit of evolving, each organization created a plan to strengthen a specific part of its development efforts. Lively discussions on customizing each idea led to sharing of action plans. 

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TPF practices sharing the cookies in our cookie jar or freely sharing creative ideas. Our dessert for the first FDF Thrive & Dine was apple turnovers, so the cookies were only metaphorical. What's a metaphorical cookie? This day leadership from each organization shared their cookies (great ideas) and collected cookies from other organizations. Everyone left with more knowledge as they headed out to strengthen our community.


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