For Season of Sharing, a community that rallies together, stays together

For Season of Sharing, a community that rallies together, stays together

Posted on February 14, 2013 by Nancy Henry, office manager for The Patterson Foundation

That’s exactly what this community did again this year – for the 13th time! – in response to Season of Sharing (SoS), a community-wide fundraising campaign that benefits individuals and families who are on the verge of homelessness.

After a strong response from our region, The Patterson Foundation will match $500,000 in new or increased donations and an additional $45,000. That means our region has surpassed the $1.5 million mark.

For the past four years, in the spirit of inspiring generosity and philanthropy, The Patterson Foundation (TPF) offered a $500,000 matching challenge for new and increased donations. By late January, there were still significant matching funds available. In an incredible show of generosity, a local couple announced a $100,000 capping challenge that stirred the community to raise an additional $70,000 in new or increased donations to fulfill the match - in less than two weeks!

You may wonder how or why this campaign is so successful? What makes it so special? Well, the answer isn’t a surprise, as it has been a recurring theme in so many previous Season of Sharing campaigns. It’s the fact that anyone can be a philanthropist, regardless of donor age or economic background. Whether it’s a $10 donation or $1,000 – each gift makes a difference. In fact, of the approximately 2,800 gifts received to date, 72 percent were $100 or less. And gifts less than $100 made up 12 percent of the total fundraising.

Here are some additional stats:

• Funds raised: 81 percent were local donations, 19 percent out of area

• Number of gifts received: 94 percent were local, 6 percent out of area

• Over 60 local organizations have contributed $30,000 – ranging from donation amounts: $10 - $5,000

Last year Season of Sharing raised more than $1.7 million…this year Season of Sharing is expecting to surpass $1.6 million – and we still have until March 31, 2013 to give! To learn more, please visit the SoS website and continue the philanthropic rally and give!

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