The Patterson Foundation is built upon a set of values and tenets that come to life in our work. Each set is deliberately crafted and shared extensively. One of these guiding principles are The Five Cs. The Five Cs are a lens in which to view the world and the foundation's work. Through Caring, Connecting, Collaborating, Contributing, Creating, The Patterson Foundation can enter each engagement focused on these constants and how they help power our ability to work in strengthening individuals, organizations and communities.

  • How do we Care about our communities and each other?
  • How do we bridge divides and Connect with new organizations, humans, or areas?
  • Are we entering experiences with a spirit of Collaboration and strong efforts to foster wide participation?
  • Do we ensure the way in which we Contribute, both through the check and beyond the check, is a true representation of joyful stewardship?
  • Are we energized by the initiatives and spaces we Create?

These Five Cs are guideposts for the foundation's work and our lives.

Recently, TPF Fellows Kellie Alexander, Rachel Hettinger, Connor LaGrange, and Michael Zimmerman zoomed with Debra Jacobs to discuss how they see The Five Cs come alive. Each of the four Fellows brings unique perspectives and tremendous stories of real life Caring, Connecting, Collaborating, Contributing, and Creating.


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