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Smallifying Stars, Solids, and Strategic Positioning

Posted on August 04, 2023 by Kellie Alexander, TPF Fellow 2022/24
Digital Access for All (DA4A), an initiative of The Patterson Foundation (TPF), discovered through in-depth research that in order to have digital access, three essential elements must be present, including:
  • Connectivity: The ability to connect to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet
  • Devices: Possessing the right device for one’s needs
  • Skills/Support: Having access to the necessary training and support to use devices and programs effectively while solving technical issues when they arise.
These three legs of the stool became guiding stars for the recent DA4A strategic positioning session. All team members gathered for a deep dive into what project(s) exist in each of the three legs, what strategy is supporting, and where there is alignment between TPF values, DA4A goals, and the local community.

Each discussion was robust, vibrant, and collaborative, with efforts to keep the end in mind while smallifying action items. We noticed throughout the day that while each of the three legs is necessary in its own unique way, they weave through one another to build strength in digital access overall. We also noted that several projects or ideas were in different stages of gas, liquid, and solid. At TPF we define this as the different phases an idea may find itself in.
  • Gas is very theoretical
  • Solid is a finished product
  • Liquid is everything in between.
While comfortable in the gas state, the DA4A team knows that ideas must evolve into something solid. Throughout the remainder of 2023, endeavors in each of the three legs: Connectivity, Devices, Skills/Support, will continue or begin to take shape while allowing room for evolution and innovative approaches. The DA4A team is enthusiastic to continue learning as we collaborate and share successes and challenges in the digital access space.

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