The Top 10 Reasons to Participate in Advancing Mission Thrivability

The Top 10 Reasons to Participate in Advancing Mission Thrivability

Posted on July 07, 2020 by John Ferguson, TPF Fellow 2020/21

As The Patterson Foundation continues to embrace The 5 C’s — caring, connecting, collaborating, contributing, and creating — we are pleased to launch a valuable new opportunity starting WEDNESDAY, JULY 8—and continuing for the next three consecutive weeks to follow—from 11:00am–12:00pm (ET).

Advancing Mission Thrivability, a series of 4 FREE Zoom sessions, will serve as a vehicle for EDs/CEOs, board members, and staffers to connect, share, learn, and explore ways to strengthen their organizations and build mission impact.

With a nod to one of my favorite fellow Hoosiers, David Letterman, here are the Top 10 reasons you (and others in your organization) should participate in Advancing Mission Thrivability:

10. Your nonprofit benefits from exploring new ways of thinking and doing, especially when facing difficult decisions

9. You’ll have access to subject-matter experts who specialize in helping nonprofits thrive

8. Helpful tools and resources will be shared to strengthen your nonprofit’s mission impact

7. It’s FREE!

6. Designed for multiple people from your organization to participate together in real-time and between sessions, your leadership, board, and staff will have an opportunity to learn, share, collaborate, and discuss important decisions facing your organization from a shared perspective

5. You trust The Patterson Foundation to provide high-quality offerings that are meaningful and valuable

4. You want to position your nonprofit for maximum impact during these challenging times

3. Your organization will receive tangible benefits resulting from a minimal investment of time

2. It’s helpful to have a new framework for decision-making that is thoughtful and strategic

1. You get to participate in newly invented and thoughtfully crafted virtual sessions called “Labinars” and “Webversations”

These three sessions (two “Labinars” with one “Webversation” in between) will each be valuable on their own for all who participate. It is highly recommended that multiple people from your organization participate to get the most value for your time and efforts. All organizations are welcome and encouraged to attend.

And in true Letterman fashion, there’s even a special bonus reason to participate:

As a gift from The Patterson Foundation, organizations with an up-to-date profile on The Giving Partner AND an operating budget between $1 million–$9.9 million that participate fully in the Advancing Mission Thrivability series may be eligible for additional 1:1 consulting with No Margin, No Mission’s Michael Oxman and Larry Clark. Requirements to be considered for this limited-space opportunity will be announced in greater detail during the Labinars.

We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to build your mission impact and advance mission thrivability!

Learn more about Advancing Mission Thrivability here.

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