Suncoast Remake Learning Days Holiday Kickoff Event

How Holiday Events Bring Possibilities of Growth

Posted on November 28, 2022 by Rachel Ploss, TPF Fellow 2022/23
Author’s note: To catalyze the efforts of individuals, businesses, government, nonprofits, and the media, The Patterson Foundation will contribute two levels of support to approved Suncoast Remake Learning Days events.

The 2023 Suncoast Remake Learning Days 10-day festival will occur from April 21st - April 30th. All events are free and open to the public. Please contact Rachel Hettinger at with any questions.

The holiday season is here, and with it comes all the feelings. I think it’s true that this time of year, people generally smile a little more, give a little more, and long for a feeling of community. Whether holding the door for someone or paying it forward and buying the coffee for the person behind you, a greater willingness to connect and be kind is present.

These feelings of joy were certainly present at the inaugural Suncoast Remake Learning Days Holiday Kick-Off Party. The Suncoast Campaign for Grade-level Reading blended integrity with joyful stewardship as the Engagement Team focused on being accessible and engaged. It was heartening to bring people together at this festive event.

Over 100 people were in attendance. The energy was so ecstatic, it quickly became hard to hear each other even when we were two feet apart. Attendees could experience several Suncoast Remake Learning Days (SRLD) themed activities and games to feel the joy of learning that can come from a SRLD event. Several guests competed in the spaghetti marshmallow tower building challenge, others made origami flower centerpieces, paper competitions were abundant through caterpillar races, and contact was made through a simple ball of yarn. Having fun and learning together were first steps toward building relationships.

This level of connectedness allowed for connective tissue to form and grow. Attendees exchanged business cards and discussed possible partnerships and the opportunities for SRLD events they could host together. Attendees also sought out many SRLD team members at the party looking to meet their assigned accelerator for their SRLD event in person. With so many connections made, the anticipation for the 2023 10-day SRLD festival has grown to include a large, enthusiastic group of people.

The Suncoast Remake Learning Days Holiday Kick-Off Party propelled a passion for learning, which is at the heart of all Remake Learning Days events. In this spirit, the party not only served as a place of fun and connection, but a place of growth.

Last year, the inaugural Suncoast Remake Learning Days festival had over 150 events with more than 10,000 participants and 165 organizations across the four-county region participating. With more threads of connection engaged throughout the community this year, the possibilities for what the 2023 festival will look like are boundless!


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