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Crafting Community at Immersion 2024: Highlights From Our Post-Survey

Posted on February 20, 2024 by Andrew Spector, TPF Fellow 2023/24
Starting in August, my fellow Fellow, Avery Crews Prado de Lima, and I, with support from TPF President and CEO Debra Jacobs, began planning The Patterson Foundation's (TPF) Immersion 2024: Crafting Community. Immersion is a daylong opportunity to strengthen the TPF community by fostering a more connected TPF team, increasing shared knowledge of TPF initiatives and projects, and deepening understanding of TPF's values and approach. And to do so with a joy that reflects our value of joyful stewardship and keeps 55 adults engaged for 8 hours.

Immersion was a great success. In our follow-up survey, we asked TPFers about the best part of the day, something new they learned, and a takeaway. Here are some highlights!

Best Part of the Day
Overwhelmingly, the best part of the day for TPFers was connecting with each other. A few quotes that stood out:

"Getting to spend time with the amazing group of folks that make up the TPF team!"

"Being able to get to know and connect with all of the people at TPF. I love that we weren't just at our one table all day."

"Being together with all the TPFers to connect, learn, share, evolve, and strengthen!"

New Learnings
TPFers learned a lot at Immersion. Top themes from the survey include learning about Margin & Mission Ignition, Fueling Dynamic Fundraising, Advancing Philanthropic Leadership, TPF's values, TPF's From-Tos, and The Bay. Many also highlighted how much they learned from connecting with each other.

"I loved learning how TPF values spill over into our everyday lives. I learned more about this from sharing and stories."

"It was so inspiring to see the passion everyone has for their own initiative as well as others. Everyone is truly supportive of each other and I love how everyone works together to solve problems or to simply make things better ... no one is afraid to try something new and to genuinely listen to everyone's ideas."

"The importance of not arriving with the answer to foster true collaboration."

TPFers left Immersion feeling refueled and more connected, with a greater sense of camaraderie and increased pride in working with TPF, and a deeper understanding of TPF's values. After trying ice cream from Rise Up Cafe, many look forward to going to the brick-and-mortar in downtown Sarasota. Also, after touring The Bay, many look forward to going back.

"Learning and sharing can always be fun. After the Immersion, I felt re-energized and super proud to work for TPF...we do amazing things together!"

"I am optimistic about the future. Being around people who care about community is such an invigorating energy. I enjoy all of the ages and experiences people bring."

"TPF is truly a unique organization with an amazing amount of talent and expertise. That is what allows TPF to be a leader in crafting community."

It was a joy to plan Immersion alongside Avery Crews Prado de Lima, and I'm grateful to Debra Jacobs and all the other TPFers who helped make TPF Immersion 2024: Crafting Community possible!

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