Something about The Patterson Foundation (TPF) makes them particularly unique. It is not where they are located, how they operate, or even how they innovate (although each aspect is robust at TPF). What makes TPF distinct from other organizations is the people. In fact, the people are so important, that instead of calling them team members, they are known as TPFers.

Given TPF’s model of a small internal staff and a large number of expert consultants working across more than 20 initiatives, gathering together is rare—making it all the more important. TPF is akin to a modern family, with some folks working remote, some traveling long distances, and all working in vastly different capacities than the next.

Recently, the foundation hosted nearly all TPFers for the 2022 Gather & Grow Immersive Experience, where staff and consultants had the opportunity to align as an organization, share new ideas, and, most importantly, reinforce relationship building.

The last point is what drives TPF. One of TPF’s core values is to turn “silos into systems: rather than acting in isolation, exploring, discovering, and working together in a shared ecosystem.” TPF strives to break down barriers between organizations or partners and, in turn, creates a space of collaboration.

This is also true internally as TPF continues to grow. Tremendous individuals continue to become TPFers and propel TPF forward. However, with growth comes the chance for internal siloes to crop up. With consultants spread throughout the four-county region, state, and the country, TPF’s Gather & Grow immersion ensured potential silos could be broken down.

With over twenty-five strategic initiatives, it may be easy for one to feel lost within the complex web of TPF life. But, with extremely precise intentionality, the foundation strives to create a beautiful tapestry strengthening people, organizations, and communities.


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