The Patterson Foundation's Fueling Dynamic Fundraising team recently held a Knowledge Sharing Session that brought together more than 40 nonprofits from across our four-county area that had taken part in fundraising courses offered in the fall in partnership with The Fund Raising School at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. This cohort was made up of nonprofits that took the Principles and Techniques of Fundraising course taught by Vicki Pugh, CFRE and Bill Stanczykiewicz, Ed.D., from November 13-16, and nonprofits that took the Fundraising for Small Nonprofits course with Vicki Pugh, CFRE from December 12-13. These nonprofits were brought together to learn, share, and reflect upon the impact of these course learnings on their organizations and their fundraising plans.

The Patterson Foundation defines a Knowledge Sharing Session as "a gathering of those involved with an initiative to learn what is working, what we have learned, and what opportunities are there to grow going forward." Dedicating time solely to checking in on an initiative's impact is an important step for the initiative team to take when gauging the next steps and ascertaining where needs still exist. It is also an opportunity for participants to reconnect with their course learnings, collaborate with other participants, and remain engaged with the initiative.

Participants from our recent Knowledge Sharing Session on February 16th shared feedback on their experience and what they took away from the gathering. Here are some of the things that they shared about their time in the courses and at the Knowledge Sharing Session.

When asked what was most helpful about the Knowledge Sharing Session, participants shared that "Hearing other peers' opinions and thoughts" was immensely beneficial and that "Bill is so knowledgeable with a wealth of information" that they appreciated hearing about it further. Another participant shared that this event reminded them "to remain optimistic and spend more time among peers." These comments reiterate the value of bringing together organizations for these events and highlight the importance of collaboration and connection.

When asked if there was anything else we should know, many organizations highlighted gratitude for the opportunity to engage in this work.

  • "TPF's mission to create self-sustaining not-for-profits is so essential for our community. Please continue your good work!"
  • "Participating in this class helped alleviate much of my burnout."
  • "Thank you for sharing such invaluable information! You have truly changed the way we view fundraising."
Both of these instructors bring immense knowledge and personal experience to the courses they teach, and we are incredibly grateful for their participation in and support of this initiative. Shout-out to Bill Stanczykiewicz, Director of The Fund Raising School, for his presence at our Knowledge Sharing Session and the depth of knowledge he possesses and willingly shares with those around him. Our team was so glad for his participation! We are grateful to all the organizations that have embraced the Fueling Dynamic Fundraising initiative and for the work we have been able to do together so far, and we look forward to all the work that is yet to come.

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