A core philosophy of The Patterson Foundation (TPF) is that “change happens at the speed of trust.” Building trust begins with connecting people and organizations to foster wide participation. Once connected, an environment of learning and sharing can be cultivated. Participants can learn from and about one another by sharing ideas, insights, experiences, and aspirations. As trust grows, the seeds of hope, confidence, and belief in new possibilities begin to emerge, and participants take measured steps forward evolving towards shared aspirations. Connecting, learning, and sharing together build trust where relationships are deepened, and a willingness to change grows. People, organizations, and communities are strengthened. The metaphorical weave of the fabric moves from a lovely yet fine lace to a rich and strong tapestry. Evolving is about the activity of making meaningful incremental change. Here are just a few examples of how some TPF initiatives are evolving:

Sarasota County Health Safety Net System of Care Collaboration (SCC)
The Sarasota County Health Safety Net System of Care Collaboration is a group of health provider organizations dedicated to supporting a safety net of care for the underinsured and uninsured in Sarasota County. The goal is to leverage the assets and expertise of each organization to create an integrated network of healthcare for all regardless of ability to pay:
  • The SCC primary focus in 2017 is leveraging the transition of the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) from the Florida Department of Health to the Community Health Centers of Sarasota County (CHCSC) to take advantage of changes in the healthcare landscape
  • The SCC is creating an operating structure that allows it to engage healthcare entities working in Sarasota, and to provide each an opportunity to become engaged in its work – as needed
Suncoast Nursing Action Coalition (SNAC)
This all-volunteer coalition comprised of educational institutions, healthcare providers, and community members is increasing the number of nurses with professional degrees in our region because a more highly educated nursing workforce leads to improved patient outcomes, infection rates, and mortality rates:
  • Academic leaders are expanding the capacity of academic programs
  • Chief Nursing Officers in the region are meeting regularly and working together to hire more highly trained nurses
  • A scholarship program now exists to decrease financial barriers to educational advancement
  • SNAC’s Nursing Education Navigator is a region-wide resource guiding students to make sound education choices
As a result of these and other actions, the region shows 2% more BSNs, a small but significant difference that demonstrates that the needle is moving.

Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (SCGLR)
To help children, especially those from low-income families succeed in school, SCGLR is engaging parents, children, not-for-profits, businesses, government agencies, and the media. SCGLR achieved these milestones helping our community evolve with:
  • Collaborative creation of a dental sealant program for second graders from Title 1 schools
  • Nearly 50 facilitators trained more than 400 parents, grandparents, child-care professionals, early learning educators, and caregivers on Mind in the Making
  • Upwards of 200 people participated in SCGLR Community Update
  • SCGLR region ranks 8th in the nation for Vroom usage which increases parent engagement
  • SCGLR coordinated 27 providers and handed out 2,349 books at Remote Area Medical Clinic
  • 44,000 students participated in Every Day Counts Attendance Awareness Contest +15%
  • Active engagement resulted in a communications plan, resulting in increased networking both locally and nationally
  • Creating a national movement by knitting connections.

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