Philanthropic Studies students are coming to Sarasota, Florida, for a unique experiential learning opportunity through a partnership between The Patterson Foundation (TPF) and the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy (IU LFSOP). March 2023 will be the third year this course, “The Future of Philanthropy: Experiential Learning with The Patterson Foundation” (commonly called Study Away), is hosted. Ten undergraduate and graduate students are accepted to take this full Spring semester course beginning with weekly sessions in January.

I had the opportunity to take part in the 2020 course as a Philanthropic Studies undergraduate student. While the world shut down, TPF evolved to embrace a virtual format. This was the first time I experienced TPF’s intentionality, caring approach, and pursuit of excellence. Now, as a TPF Fellow, I have the honor of developing Study Away course content with several TPF initiative leads.

President and CEO Debra Jacobs and I joined the first class session through Zoom on January 13, 2023. In TPF fashion, Debra started her presentation with a question of the day. Students were asked, “Why did you enroll in this course?” and “What are you hoping to take away from this experience with The Patterson Foundation?”

Responses shined as students provided brief details about their past experiences, expressed interest in foundations and TPF’s innovative approaches to philanthropy, and spoke enthusiastically about the opportunity to gain knowledge and new skills through hands-on learning.

On March 2, 2023, “TPF Faculty” (TPF consultants/staff who lead or support one of the Study Away course themes) met to discuss the itinerary and expectations. We also began this meeting with a question of the day. “Using one word, what are you hoping to get out of the Study Away week?” The screenshot and words show the eagerness and sparkle that TPF feels for the experiences ahead!

study away 2023

March 13–17, IU LFSOP students will immerse in innovative philanthropic practices along with TPF throughout the Suncoast. We look forward to collaborating and strengthening partnerships — with enthusiasm for Study Away 2023 possibilities.

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