EdExploreSRQ Helps Parents, Children Learn Together

Posted on September 28, 2011 by Laurey Stryker, Ed.D., Digital Access for All Initiative Manager

How can parents use EdExploreSRQ.com?  The subject and possibilities have come up throughout the development of the online platform. It was designed as a public website for broad accessibility with parents as a key constituency.

How might they use it?

I can see at least three ways.

1. As a parent volunteer working with PTO’s/PTA’s, a school program or your child’s classroom, you could easily identify community connections that match your school, program or classroom. For example, if you volunteer with a middle school music program – you’d find six “explorations” listed from four organizations – Perlman, Van Wezel, Sarasota Ballet and the Artist Series. As a PTO/PTA volunteer, you might work with the principal and teachers  on  an “explorations” plan with a fundraising budget to support them.

2. Each year, parents sign permission slips for student field trips. With EdExploreSRQ, they can look up the “exploration”  and help prepare their student with the posted information and links to the organizations.

For example, a 3rd grader comes home and says she’ll be writing a play with Florida Studio Theatre – what does that mean and how can I as a parent reinforce the experience? Can I help my child explore ideas for plays, characters, and scenes?

3. If my 5th grader is going to the Sarasota Orchestra Young Person Concert, “The Melodic Life” – who are the composers and what led them to the music – I can see parent and child looking up Beethoven and Lennon/McCartney both who’ll be featured – may even have a treasured Beatle Album to share. A parent may decide that the “exploration” excites them and volunteer to chaperone.

We are blessed with unique cultural places but it takes a while to find them, especially as a newcomer.  EdExploreSRQ lists school day and school year programs but it also helps families learn about places to take their kids and enjoy themselves. EdExploreSRQ links to the individual organizations so with one resource you can look at the schooltime programs but also find information about summer and after school options.

What other ways can parents use EdExploreSRQ?

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