EdExplore videos offer new resources for teachers

EdExplore videos offer new resources for teachers

Posted on January 19, 2015 by Wendy Katz, consultant EdExploreSRQ

Teachers often want to see real examples of how to use new resources before they fully commit to attempting an unfamiliar program or new tool. They might be intrigued by a new teaching resource or model but do not have the time to really delve into the details of how to operationalize for their own use.  Teachers typically treasure opportunities to share with their colleagues, but finding time for such interactions is often a barrier due to lack of common planning time or other competing obligations.

Now, educators have the opportunity to view online videos that share how EdExplore will enhance their lessons -- from the planning phase to the follow up after their students have experienced one of the explorations offered on the site .

The videos not only capture some of the more popular explorations, such as the Sarasota Ballet and Big Cat Habitat, but are also targeted for specific grade levels and provide exposure to the different types of explorations available. These videos give teachers a chance to understand more deeply why a teacher selected a specific exploration to enhance student learning; watch snippets of the teacher doing a preparatory lesson prior to the actual exploration; and witness the exploration in progress along with student testimonials and reactions. Lastly, the assessment or follow-up is highlighted, which is frequently a forgotten element after participating in an exploration.

How does the teacher ignite student excitement about the unit of study through the exploration?

How does the teacher link the exploration to the Florida Standards in an authentic way?

How does the teacher assess that students have learned the intended outcomes?

The visual images of engaged students, the teacher stories, and the spontaneity of student voices bring the power of the exploration to life for the viewers. Teachers come away with a replicable model to use for their own classes. The connections are clear, the alignment to the Florida Standards is defensible, and teachers can justify using experiential learning as one more high-quality strategy to enrich their teaching.

Take a look for yourself and make your own judgment: EdExplore has proven its worth as an incredible resource for teachers. In the end, our students benefit far more when learning goes beyond the pages of a textbook.

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