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Dr. Laurey Stryker Passes the DA4A Leadership Baton to Cheri Coryea

Posted on August 16, 2021 by Cheri Coryea, consultant with The Patterson Foundation
In June 2020, TPF created the DA4A initiative to explore opportunities for advancing digital access in the region. Using a multi-sector approach to connect people in ways that foster digital inclusion proved to be as important as any other form of communication in decades -- especially for Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed (ALICE) individuals and families.

There was no one better to call upon than long-time TPF consultant Dr. Laurey Stryker to lead the development of the DA4A Initiative. Dr. Stryker has been the initiative manager for EdExplorerSRQ and Advancing Philanthropic Leadership -- which began as a collaboration with the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy to create the Fellows Program. Her strategic mind and imaginative way of exploring the possibilities helped develop necessary connective tissue, resulting in DA4A bandwidth to provide opportunities for the four-county region.

As Dr. Stryker steps into the role of strategic advisor, it is my honor to have her support in leading the highly skilled DA4A team to the next level of action. Having served as administrator to Manatee County Government and leading many social service initiatives from development into implementation, the groundwork laid in these first twelve months is another testament to Dr. Stryker's skillful leadership.

In the spirit of the recently concluded 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Laurey has successfully passed the baton. The DA4A team is ready to round the 4th turn and take this initiative to the finish line. Our appreciation for her insight into the three main elements (devices, connectivity, and skills/training), better known as the three-legged stool, set forth the importance of a balanced approach to enhancing technology for all.

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