Connecting Boomers to Encore Careers

Connecting Boomers to Encore Careers

Posted on December 12, 2013 by Pam Truitt

If you had asked me about my first impression of Bevan Rogel, I would say ‘go getter’. I don’t recall exactly how Bevan and I found each other, but we nearly wore ourselves out at the first meeting by sharing what we had in common!

An encore movement is underway in Tampa Bay and Bevan is leading with her encore career. 

This expert in the organizational development field began her own journey upon the realization that she was restless and, retirement—although a few years away--was on the horizon. Through that journey, she recognized that a movement larger than herself was beginning to blossom.

Bevan shaped the movement by launching Encore Tampa Bayfinding passion, purpose & productivity -- and The Greenhouse Encore Academy. Encore Tampa Bay casts a wide net for identifying, re-tooling and connecting. I hope readers will take a deep dive on their website to learn more.

I participated in a What’s Next workshop to see how the ‘transition’ issue was being received by the target (age 50+) audience and to learn how The Greenhouse Encore Academy is approaching the work.

I know this, but was reminded during the workshop: Transition is a messy space. Maybe you're happy where you are but don’t know where you’re going. You know you have talents to share, but who wants or needs them? How do I connect? How will I find the meaning to life???

So, almost all of the questions were addressed in the workshop—lest the meaning of life is to be pondered over a lifetime.

Fifteen people from various walks of life shared why they were in the room. The stories were rich and wonderful….

• An 80 year-old pool contractor who has more to give.

• A mom whose kids left the nest.  She's itching to use her college credentials.

• A recent retiree from the corporate world who unexpectedly lost her husband and is looking for new meaning.

• A Snowbird looking for ‘more.’

• A retiree who couldn’t wait to do all the things she never found the time for while working, now finds that she needs ‘more.’

• A woman who retired young with her husband to live the dream—on a barge in France—only to discover that she wants to be engaged when she’s stateside.

We spent the morning doing what I call ‘hard work’. Thinking. A very important step in the process of completing a lifetime career that you know well, for one that you don’t. I can relate to this because I’ve done it. I knew I was good at what I did, but thinking about what I was going to ‘be’ next was frightening. (At the time I couldn’t imagine that I had any transferrable skills!)

An experienced facilitator led the group of 15 through a readiness process that includes a journal, a coach and resources. And so the journey begins.

Have you considered an encore career?

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