Connecting a region to veterans and their families through Legacy of Valor

Connecting a region to veterans and their families through Legacy of Valor

Posted on September 30, 2013 by Ryan Simonson

If you've been out around town at any number of significant events, you've probably seen Legacy of Valor personnel handing out flyers and engaging the public in serious conversation. It's part of our quest to connect this region to the service, sacrifice and often wonderful contributions veterans and their families bring to our community.

We LOVE the opportunity to talk to everyone and anyone regarding this campaign to honor veterans and their families. The keys to our work are the wonderful community partnerships that are honoring veterans, inspiring patriotism and embracing freedom.

Our conversations and presence at many local events are uniquely selfless and without fail we meet someone that benefits personally from the interaction.

At the Englewood Pioneer Days, Erika Nies and I were able to immediately put several veterans in touch with support agencies for their betterment. We physically walked a couple former soldiers and airmen over to the veterans center booth and got them in touch with life changing people.

We also were able to distribute critical contact information to veterans that desperately needed help gaining a foothold in the with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

All of those connections were possible because we seek out opportunities to have a presence -- through our Legacy of Valor booth -- at community events that appeal to people of all walks of life.

The Patterson Foundation is all about connective tissue, in theory and in practical application. Connective issue among corporations, individuals, and  orbiting systems that synergize in a network.

This piece of our work -- that is, connecting with people, with veterans, and honoring them is an essential and incredibly rewarding part of what we do.

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