Above and Beyond Volunteer Breakfast

Vital to Success

Posted on December 13, 2017 by Alicia Chalmers
On December 5, many gathered for the Above and Beyond Breakfast which was an appreciation breakfast for those that went Above and Beyond for the Age-Friendly Festival. Attendees included volunteers, media, photographers, insurance vendors, and vendors that helped create the branded materials for the Age-Friendly Festival. It was a wonderful time to express gratitude, reflect on the success of the first ever Age Friendly Festival in the nation, and celebrate the success of more than 4,000 attendees that enjoyed, experienced, and energized – rain or shine. Thanks to an incredible highlight video by Bill Wagy we were able to reflect on the success of the festival and how those “above and beyonders” were vital to the success and the age-friendly movement. Demographics were shared about the 140 volunteers, and it affirmed that volunteering is #ForAllAges! The largest age demographic (27%) of our volunteers were under 18, and the second largest (21%) were ages 65–74.

The Patterson Foundation is about connecting, learning, sharing, evolving, and strengthening. Part of the breakfast program intentionally created a space for table conversations around age-friendly topics and two questions. Tables spent five minutes or so discussing the questions. Here are some highlights and responses:

How did the Age-Friendly Festival impact how you are going to live, work and/or play in the future?
  • Inspired to volunteer more and with multiple generations as we can all learn and help each other
  • AFF brought so many people, organizations, and resources together, and it was #ForAllAges
  • AFF connected the community to cultural happenings through entertainment and experiences that we did not know existed
  • Inspired us to think globally and about the community as everyone ages
  • Introduces us to things we did not know existed and could help and impact in a positive way through participation in services or serving others
  • Staying active and involved helps ALL live healthier and longer
  • Animals bring people together #SharethePurr
It is five years from now, the year 2022, what will you write on a postcard to tell friends about our region being community #ForAllAges?
  • Our community is innovative and meets the needs of all residents no matter the age
  • Our region is unlike any other place. It is committed to every resident, and being a community #ForAllAges, it is has something for EVERYONE
  • We are better now than ever because we are age-friendly, and it advanced our region for the better
  • This region cares deeply and is a community without barriers
  • New data just realized —the demographics have increased 35% for 18–35-year-olds
  • We do more than thrive for EVERYONE
  • Transportation issues do not exist
  • Life is but a dream

The Festival was a gift that brought so many together, and the journey continues with our community continuing to be age-friendly and with each one of us!


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