Age-Friendly Sarasota is Optimizing Opportunities for Our Community

Age-Friendly Sarasota is Optimizing Opportunities for Our Community

Posted on July 22, 2016 by Kathy Black

Optimistically Optimizing Opportunities -- it's one of our guiding principles to make our community age-friendly. Optimistic refers to a positive approach. Optimizing denotes the leveraging of practices to promote potential, and opportunities reflect the synchronicity in which age-friendly assets can be shared.

Combined, these three attributes underscore how Age-Friendly Sarasota builds upon our community’s existing assets AND the possibilities that can occur both within and across multi-sectors including business, government, nonprofits, people, and the media.

The guiding principle represents some of our accomplishments to date, particularly in the domain of housing:

In October 2015, national author Beth Baker visited our area, and we provided two events for her to share her findings with both thought leaders across multiple sectors and with our community. Beth recently traversed the country to identify trends in living for Boomers and beyond and discovered a range of innovative and novel housing arrangements. Her talks were well-attended and received. Many ideas from her book, Creating Community as We Age, are now percolating throughout the community!

In December 2015, Sarasota County approved a resolution for voluntary Universal Design and Visitability certification for builders. Universal Design and Visitability approaches to building enhance the ability of people of all ages and abilities to age in place – which is highly important to the vast majority of all of us. Building upon this policy, Age-Friendly Sarasota shared the novel approach as a Promising Practice Brief for consideration by other age-friendly communities throughout the state, nation, and world.  The Promising Practice Brief has even been uploaded to the World Health Organization's Age Friendly World website.

Photo credit: Herald-Tribune Media Group

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