Age-Friendly Sarasota creates statewide reverberations

Age-Friendly Sarasota creates statewide reverberations

Posted on September 08, 2015 by Kathy Black

Age-Friendly Sarasota is leading the state. We are Florida’s first age-friendly community and one of more than two dozen providers throughout the aging network that attended the Florida Council on Aging’s annual Florida Conference on Aging in Orlando in August. These groups were eager to hear more about our efforts.

Geographic representation at our session included far reach throughout the state including attendees from Miami, Broward, West Palm, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Pensacola and Tallahassee.

Participants were interested in every aspect of our work including how we began, our current data-collection efforts, areas in which we see leverage, and perhaps most importantly--- how they can begin efforts in their respective communities. We gladly spent the time to share factors that support our efforts locally that may be useful to other locales throughout Florida. And the wheels were turning as we spoke as there were many commonalities and fruitful ideas that emerged!

Of course, the shared learnings are part of what we envisioned at the onset. As noted by keynote speaker John Feather, the president of Grantmakers in Aging, philanthropic leadership is needed in our aging society. The Patterson Foundation has responded to this demographic imperative and recognizes the new realities that lie ahead.

Through its Age-Friendly Sarasota initiative, The Patterson Foundation has assembled a partnership poised for impact – mobilizing government, nonprofits, businesses and the broader lay community. Though we are just four months post-launch, Age-Friendly Sarasota is a catalyst for change that builds upon the readiness and capabilities of our local mosaic of people, groups, and organizations that collectively will create a community for all ages! Stay tuned to follow our age-friendly journey and how it reaches many people -- both here and afar.

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