Age-Friendly Sarasota Community Report Uncovers Desired Public Transportation Features

Age-Friendly Sarasota Community Report Uncovers Desired Public Transportation Features

Posted on October 21, 2016 by Kathy Black

Safety, accessibility and special services are all public transportation features mentioned in Age-Friendly Sarasota's community report. The assessment highlights nearly 1,200 Sarasota County residents’ aspirations regarding community features across eight domains of livability.

Assessment findings were analyzed by age groups including Boomers (age 50-69 at the time of the study) and non-Boomer Elders (age 70+). Additional information about the Age-Friendly Sarasota Community Report and more details about the findings can be found on the Age-Friendly Sarasota website.



  • Many of us dread to consider the possibility of what will happen not if, but when we can no longer drive.



  • The condition and design of transportation-related infrastructure such as signage, traffic lights and sidewalks affects our personal mobility.



  • Access to reliable, affordable public transit and other travel options may become increasingly important for many of us when driving becomes too stressful or challenging.


Sarasota County residents report that safe stops, reliable and well-maintained vehicles and special services for older or disabled people are the most important public transportation features.


  • Compared to non-Boomer Elders, Boomers place a greater importance on all public transportation features with the greatest difference on public transportation that is affordable (77% vs. 68%), accessible (76% vs. 69%), and well-maintained vehicles (80% vs. 73%).



  • One or more out of 10 Sarasota County residents are uncertain about the importance of public transportation features (9% to 17%).


Despite the importance of public transportation, approximately half of Sarasota County residents are unaware or uncertain about its reliability, accessibility and safety of stops of public transportation.


  • Compared to Boomers, non-Boomer Elders report greater awareness of all public transportation features with the exception of special transportation for disabled or older adults (57% vs. 56%).


Sarasota County residents report the importance of public transportation and varied experiences and perspectives about the accessibility and reliability of Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) for all users and SCAT Plus service for disabled users.


  • Residents who use or plan to use public transportation indicate its necessity and low user costs along with multiple issues including: impractical times and routes to meet travel needs, difficulties accessing the service, and geographic disparities.



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