Since 2015, Age-Friendly Sarasota has been a partnership between local, state, national, and international entities, and The Patterson Foundation (TPF) has been at the forefront in leading the effort to achieve a community for all ages. As the first age-friendly community in the State of Florida, Sarasota approached the work by engaging the community to evaluate our collective strengths, define aspirations, and then plan, implement, and evaluate objectives and goals set forth by the Age-Friendly Action Plan. In 2019, Sarasota County Health and Human Services, in collaboration with the Sarasota Department of Health, assumed responsibility for the Age-Friendly initiative with continued support from TPF and MagnifyGood for consulting and strategic communications.

As we begin 2023 and look toward the future, TPF will pass the torch and conclude its active involvement with Age-Friendly Sarasota. Sarasota County Government will assume full responsibility for all aspects of the initiative. You will still be able to access information about Age-Friendly Sarasota on TPF's Past Initiatives page.

We acknowledge and appreciate Debra Jacobs and the entire TPF team for their tireless work from the start of this journey. In that spirit, we will continue to work with community partners to improve the quality of life for all Sarasota County residents.

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