Solmart Media will be running Census 2020 PSA messages in español as well as interviews conducted with Father Celestino Gutiérrez from St. Jude Catholic Church and Manuel Landivar from the Census Bureau. This week, The Patterson Foundation’s Carolina Franco was also interviewed to emphasize the collective effort happening across the four-county region.

Father Celestino Gutiérrez was named founding Pastor at St. Jude Parish in 2006 and serves as Director of Spanish Ministry for the Diocese of Venice.

Manuel Landivar is Assistant U.S. Regional Census Manager for the U.S. Census Bureau.

Interview with Father Celestino Gutiérrez:
01 Padre Celestino Gutiérrez Census2020 Interview
02 Padre Celestino Gutiérrez Census2020 Interview

Interview with Manuel Landivar:
01 Manuel Landivar Census2020 Interview
02 Manuel Landivar Census2020 Interview
03 Manuel Landivar Census2020 Interview
04 Manuel Landivar Census2020 Interview

Interview with Carolina Franco:
01 Carolina Franco Census2020 Interview


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