Celebrating Sarasota's age-friendly assets

Celebrating Sarasota's age-friendly assets

Posted on May 17, 2016 by Josephine Eisenberg

Dr. Rodney Harrell, AARP's director of livability thought leadership, recently visited Sarasota to give a keynote address for community leaders. Each guest of The Patterson Foundation was asked to think about our community's greatest asset. The following highlights why Sarasota County is not only livable, but also age friendly.

·      Season of Sharing Campaign

·      Lido Beach Sunsets

·      Active and involved business community

·      Waterways/Beaches/Mote Marine

·      Generous people, long-term care

·      Broad array of institutional universities

·      Philanthropic people in Sarasota

·      Healthy environment

·      Welcoming spirit

·      Intellectual capital

·      Peacocks

·      Value of the Arts

·      Kind philanthropists

·      Best newspaper - Sarasota Herald Tribune

·      Professionals who work with the aging

·      Patriot Plaza

·      Water supply

·      The younger generation who stay in Sarasota

·      Retirees bringing knowledge and spirit

·      Friendship Centers that serve the aging

·      Commitment and support for healthcare for the low-income

·      Parks/Beaches

·      City of Sarasota employees

·      New College

·      The Selby Foundation

·      Low-income children with bad backgrounds attending college

·      Collaborative nature/connection of community

·      The number of organizations committed to helping the aging

·      Lido Bridge

·      Flat terrain and wide range of organizations/activities available

·      Cultural variety

·      Public schools

·      Florida Studio Theatre because of their work with students

·      People who give of their time in Sarasota and Fishing

·      Inclusive nature of community

·      Collaborative spirit

·      Strong neighborhoods

·      Enthusiasm for learning

·      Our community embraces the youth

·      Appreciation of the size of our community

·      the Bridge

·      knowledgeable passionate people

·      Public engagement

·      Bicyclists/Sports

·      Involvement of the Universal Design Coalition

·      the number of women in leadership positions

·      all the resources we have to offer

·      Focus of volunteerism

·      Diversity

·      Our youth

·      WSLR community radio

·      Young people

·      Weather

photo credit: Lido Light via photopin (license)

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