Supporting the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s Refugee Crisis Fund

Supporting the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s Refugee Crisis Fund

Posted on January 12, 2016 by The Patterson Foundation

The unparalleled movement of people around the world has created the highest number of displaced people since World War II, making the refugee crisis the defining disaster of this decade. Thoughtful philanthropic and strategic funding can take the lead in disaster relief efforts to create greater impact and help those in need.

The Patterson Foundation contributed a gift of $250,000 in unrestricted funds to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s (CDP) Refugee Crisis Fund. The Patterson Foundation’s catalyst gift – one of the first gifts committed to CDP’s Refugee Crisis Fund – is designed to help generate contributions from other supporters.

The CDP Refugee Crisis Fund provides funders with the opportunity to take immediate action to address the needs refugees and displaced persons are facing right now, as well as prepare for the needs and challenges to come. Through the Refugee Crisis Fund, CDP will support projects that fund education for children, provide assistance for resettled families, support public health needs and assist refugee resettlement agencies globally.

“Combining experience and expertise with compassion heightens philanthropic impact,” said Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation. “The Patterson Foundation is supporting CDP for their dedication to promoting smart funding. Making a difference in a humanitarian disaster like the refugee crisis requires strategic funding and management – that’s what CDP provides.”

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s mission is to help donors make more thoughtful disaster-related giving decisions and maximize the impact of their gifts. While disasters frequently motivate organizations and individuals to make contributions, there is often uncertainty as to how their money is being spent and the impact of their donations. CDP works to ensure the efficacy of donations given to disasters, provide guidance for informed giving and bring attention to the continuing need for donations during the entire life cycle of a disaster.

“In 2015 alone, over 1 million people displaced from regions facing conflicts and other hardships crossed into Europe,” said Bob Ottenhoff, president and CEO of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. “Since the conflict began in 2011, about 4 million people have fled Syria, and 7 million have been displaced within the country. There is a great need to help, and we are grateful to those participating in the CDP Refugee Crisis Fund.”

Since 2012, The Patterson Foundation has contributed more than $1.3 million to CDP. The Patterson Foundation supported CDP most notably following Hurricane Sandy by providing a $200,000 match for CDP’s Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund. This incentive resulted in $401,400 available through the fund to support long-term relief efforts. By providing catalyst gifts to CDP, The Patterson Foundation aims to boost support for their disaster relief funds and inspire others to participate.

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