Case managers train to deliver effective assistance to homeless

Case managers train to deliver effective assistance to homeless

Posted on October 08, 2015 by Peter Routsis-Arroyo

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of updates from organizations that received an ESO award (Engaging-Systems Centric-Outcomes) from The Patterson Foundation for their work during the Recoding Organizational DNA initiative.

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice, Inc. was honored to participate in The Patterson Foundation's Recoding Organizational DNA initiative and proud to receive one of the ESO Awards for demonstrating a commitment to combating the issue of homelessness in Sarasota County.

Part of the $20,000, one-time gift from The Patterson Foundation has been used to help clients maintain and/or find decent and safe housing. Direct assistance has been provided to families with payments of rent, mortgage, and utilities while they participate in programs that teach them how to live independently.

Just recently, a mother and her five children moved from the shelter into permanent housing and will continue supportive services with Catholic Charities that will help her work toward complete sustainability. Catholic Charities is currently working with two more shelter families to find housing.

The new Catholic Charities Family Haven opened in March in North Port and is an emergency homeless shelter for families and children in South Sarasota County. Families in crisis are provided temporary shelter services, case management with the goal of becoming permanently housed, and long-term resources and training to solve their housing and economic needs in order to attain self-sufficiency.

Going forward, Catholic Charities will use the funding to transform social-service delivery within programs and services located in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Traditionally, case managers are trained to focus on helping a client with one need, but in today's climate clients require a system of care that addresses all of their issues in an organized and efficient manner. Catholic Charities case managers will attend an intensive training and professional development course through NeighborWorks America to be capable of meeting the growing demand for comprehensive services for clients who are homeless.

Training will be provided to case managers in counseling the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless, delivering effective financial education, offering financial coaching that meets the client's goals and communication strategies that build relationships within the community. The NeighborWorks America course focuses on helping case managers to implement an effective and sustainable program for a diverse client base by using innovative strategies with a variety of delivery methods and available resources.

Through the training, case managers will receive insight into causes and cures for victims of homelessness and how to equip the homeless population with the skills needed to improve their housing and financial circumstances. As a financial coach, case managers will learn how to help clients work toward their goals and maximize their financial potential along with change their financial habits in order to reach economic security and eventually achieve homeownership. Case managers will discover ways to engage audiences, increase visibility, shift attitudes, raise money and create social change for the issue of homelessness.

Catholic Charities sustains, stabilizes, and strengthens families and individuals in need and guides them to find their potential for success and become more self-sufficient. Please visit for more information.

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