Bringing Science Home launches Students with Diabetes internship program

Bringing Science Home launches Students with Diabetes internship program

Posted on October 02, 2012 by Guest Blogger

This post was originally published on the Students with Diabetes blog. Nicole Johnson, MPH, MA, DrPH (student) is the executive director of Bringing Science Home, a partnership between USF Health and The Patterson Foundation, and Miss America 1999. 

Internships and Practicums are a part of the education and development of young adults moving toward professional life.

I decided to create the Students With Diabetes Internship Program to provide a place for young adults with type 1 to learn about the options and many careers in diabetes.  The goal is to create a population of young adults with diabetes who match their passion for making a difference with skills learned in internship settings to set them up to make a difference in diabetes worldwide. I see young adults as an amazing population with the creativity necessary to boost diabetes innovation.

I would have loved this kind of opportunity as as young adult and quite frankly am jealous of the great experiences the new SWD Interns are going to have!  Don’t miss this great opportunity. Apply early! The internships are amazing:  EOS Health (technology), Novo Nordisk (advocacy), JDRF (non-profit management), Tandem (technology and sales) and so many more.

What can you provide to diabetes from your experiences?  Show the world!

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