Bay Park Donors Activate $1 Million Gift for Anniversary of Challenge Match By The Patterson Foundation

Bay Park Donors Activate $1 Million Gift for Anniversary of Challenge Match By The Patterson Foundation

Posted on July 12, 2022 by Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation
Our community’s journey to realize its aspirations for The Bay Park has been defined by consistent excellence that manifests in all of The Bay Park Conservancy’s efforts — from the intentional, sustainable design of the park’s features, to its inclusive programming and activations, to its earnest and trusted partnership with government officials, and through its steadfast commitment to creating a park for all. The generosity of donors of all levels has been equally consistent along the way — combining to play an essential role in propelling that excellence.

The Patterson Foundation bet on that generosity by creating a new challenge match to strengthen the creation of The Bay Park in July 2021. Just days shy of the anniversary of this latest evolution in The Patterson Foundation’s long collaboration with The Bay Park Conservancy, private donors achieved a significant milestone — donating $10 million total since the challenge began.

This recent achievement activated the second of four $1 million gifts from The Patterson Foundation provided through this challenge match, which contributes $1 million each time private philanthropy donates $5 million toward Phase 1 of The Bay Park through 2023.

This challenge match follows another successful TPF challenge match benefitting The Bay Park. With the activation of this latest contribution, The Patterson Foundation has invested more than $7 million in catalytic funding and consulting support into The Bay since 2016.

Beyond affirming The Bay Park Conservancy’s commitment to excellence, The Patterson Foundation’s long-time support for The Bay Park’s creation is grounded in our shared vision: to strengthen our community and those who live, work, and play here. Featuring a design reflecting years of community engagement and collaboration, The Bay Park will become an asset to our region — one that will preserve our ecological resources and create greater accessibility to them for generations.

With a growing number of features and activations offered daily, people in our community have several opportunities to see and benefit from the inspiring progress that continues to transform our bayfront. The Patterson Foundation’s challenge match gives people an opportunity to share in that progress through their generosity and belief in this once-in-a-generation endeavor.

Learn more about The Bay Park’s creation and opportunities to strengthen it.

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