I attended the Georgia Grantmakers Alliance conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in September. While it was only one day, this session proved valuable by providing context, clarity, and connections.

There may be the question of why The Patterson Foundation (TPF) would send me to a conference focused solely on the state of Georgia. TPF does not fund anything in Georgia, nor is it planning to in the future. However, as a TPF Advancing Philanthropic Leadership Fellow, the Foundation supports my interest and professional opportunities. While transitioning out of my official year and entering into the launch phase, I am interested in careers within the southeast region of the United States. Since 2019, when I moved to North Carolina, and in 2022, when I moved to Florida, the Southeast has felt like home with its unique geographical and philanthropic landscapes.

This session provided insight into housing challenges and opportunities Georgia faces using the topic title “Safe, Stable, and Affordable Housing.” Funders across America are looking to learn more about these key items to influence change for the common good. Each panel discussion built on the last, creating a comprehensive look at the complexity of this topic, including discussions about:

  • Context: overview of the affordable housing crisis
  • Place: promoting safe and stable housing in different locales
  • Policy: how public policy progresses system change and roles each organization can hold
  • Production and Preservation: leveraging capital and partnerships
  • Programs: addressing housing holistically to ensure success
I am grateful to Georgia Grantmakers Alliance for welcoming me in and TPF for encouraging me to look at states that may foster professional learning and launching opportunities.

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