In fall 2022, The Patterson Foundation (TPF) set out on a new adventure in strategic communications, leading to the start-up of Beyond The Blog (BTB). This multimedia platform, in the form of a digital magazine, showcased engaging and educating content featuring the people, organizations, and communities strengthened through the Foundation’s work.

Since inception, I served as co-editor with Rachel Ploss, crafting content for eight editions. The BTB team of myself, MagnifyGood, Debra Jacobs (President and CEO), and Stacy Sternberg (Communications Coordinator) have held evaluations at milestone moments, including in September 2023.

Recently, I reflected on my own skills and lessons learned throughout this process.

Additional conclusions became clear to us as we used analytics, surveys about BTB, and conversations with TPFers and the community to clarify what was working well and where there was an opportunity to evolve. Thanks to a comprehensive analytics presentation by MagnifyGood, we learned about the spikes and dips of reader time overall and per page, what content was bringing in the most audiences, where audiences were joining from (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet), and how audiences were gaining access to the BTB edition link.

Learning that TPF’s communication is better received through email and with fewer clicks to reach content proved incredibly valuable in evolving BTB’s format. BTB is not its platform alone, but a strategic communications perspective to engage and educate, and therefore, can weave throughout TPF’s other communication networks.

Future BTB content, including podcasts and videos, will not be shared in a digital magazine format but through TPF’s existing newsletters. We hope you will still Join the Journey by connecting with us on social media and signing up to receive newsletters via email.

TPF is a learning organization and, through this process, has:
  • Informed how TPF’s audience receives and views content
  • Increased capacity for multimedia storytelling through visual and auditory methods
  • Encouraged a space for TPF staff to grow knowledge and skills in technology and storytelling vehicles
  • Created a training model for current Fellows to learn and practice videography, podcasting, and strategic communications
  • Strengthened engagement with the Suncoast region and beyond
  • Evolved TPF’s strategic communications strategy
Click here to view editions of BTB.

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