On October 29th and 30th, 2019 Rich Harwood will return to Sarasota, FL, to kick off his Stepping Forward book tour. In true Harwood Institute and The Patterson Foundation spirit, Stepping Forward won’t just be a book, but a national happening in communities across the country. As a part of the happening in Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota counties, The Patterson Foundation (TPF) will be supporting Stepping Forward Book Circles.

You can learn much more about the ins and outs of book circles in the four-county area on The Patterson Foundation website, but here are a few exciting highlights:
Stepping Forward Book Circles aim to help participants build a sense of community, foster positive relationships among citizens, discover shared aspirations, and embrace possibilities for our collective future through guided discussions around Rich Harwood’s Stepping Forward book. Stepping Forward shows readers how to channel aspirations, energies, and frustrations to get on a more hopeful path.

● Anyone in the four-county area can form a book circle. Groups of eight or more people will receive, as a gift from TPF, copies of Stepping Forward for each member, and a Discussion Guide. You can pre-register to lead a book circle!

● Every group of eight or more people who meet three or more times, track their attendance on the sheet provided, answer the “question of the day,” and send TPF at least one story and picture from their meetings has the opportunity to designate a $250 Pay It Forward Award to any nonprofit with an up-to-date profile on The Giving Partner.

You can RSVP to join the community at one of the live Rich Harwood events here and pre-register to lead a Stepping Forward Book Circle to pick up your books at the event!

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