It is with a heavy heart that I share the passing of our beloved friend and colleague, Kathy Baylis, following an arduous battle with cancer. Kathy, a cherished member of The Patterson Foundation’s team, contributed her intelligence, compassion and unwavering tenacity to help generate sustained outcomes in our community. Rather than grieve her absence, Kathy would urge us to celebrate the manner in which she lived - outward and dedicated to always doing the right thing.

I had the privilege of working with and learning from Kathy for more than three decades through our leadership positions. Her love and devotion to the region she called home for over four decades was palpable, and it was natural that we would reach out to her to consult with The Patterson Foundation following her retirement as CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County in 2011.

Kathy’s approach of pursuing possibilities by connecting with people, organizations and communities aligned beautifully with The Patterson Foundation’s aspiration of supporting change through proven practices from The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation. It was a delight to watch as she crafted the Aspirations to Actions initiative by working with people she knew and many whom she met. Her ability to shape a vision with her laser-sharp attention to detail propelled the initiative forward.

Even when her stamina kept her from physically participating, Kathy remained ever-present through her gifts of wisdom and guidance. She always pushed for reality-based excellence, working alongside others with momentum.

At every turn, Kathy inspired us to build upon her investment in the initiative she considered to be her legacy. It is our privilege to honor Kathy by continuing Aspirations to Actions with a vibrancy and focus befitting her tireless and thoughtful efforts.

Kathy Baylis will be remembered as someone who exemplified The Patterson Foundation’s approach and purpose in a life devoted to the greater good. I am forever grateful for the time we shared in our pursuit of new realities.



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