Learning How to Turn Outward and Progress Social Impact ... from Our Computer!

Learning How to Turn Outward and Progress Social Impact ... from Our Computer!

Posted on June 21, 2017 by Deborah Gauvreau, consultant with The Patterson Foundation
Ten of us from the Sarasota region will be participating in The Harwood Virtual Public Innovators Lab that begins on June 22, 2017. As part of The Patterson Foundation’s (TPF) Aspirations to Actions (A2A) Initiative, we are diving into an interactive 8-week online course to strengthen the impact of our work by applying practices and inspiring positive community actions.

The participants of our current group of ten represent Sarasota County Libraries, Sarasota Against ViolencE, and TPF’s initiatives including Age-Friendly Sarasota, Suncoast Campaign for GradeLevel Reading, A2A, and TPF Communications. We are eager to learn more about Turning Outward and other practices to advance the realization of shared aspirations.

To be Turned Outward means we:
  • Identify community issues rooted in people’s shared aspirations
  • Develop strategies that fit their community’s context
  • Create the community conditions that enable change to take hold
  • Forge relationships with the right partners to run with
  • Build networks for innovation and learning
  • Adopt the right metrics to gauge progress
  • Cultivate can-do narratives and actions that create more impact
WHO is participating in this Virtual Lab?
  • Susan Totter, Manager – Shannon Staub Library (North Port)
  • Stacey Ogea, Manager – Frances T. Bourne Jacaranda Library (Venice)
  • Jamie Naylor, Librarian - Frances T. Bourne Jacaranda Library (Venice)
  • Brock Peoples, Manager – Selby Library (Sarasota)
  • Laura Hampton, Librarian – Selby Library (Sarasota)
  • Carolyn Mason – Sarasota Against ViolencE (SAVE)
  • Vicki Vega – TPF (Age Friendly Sarasota)
  • Beatriz Paniego-Bejar - TPF (Suncoast Campaign for GradeLevel Reading)
  • Stacy Sternberg – TPF (Communications)
  • Deborah Gauvreau – TPF (Aspirations to Actions, A2A, Initiative Lead)

What will we be learning?
  • How to listen to and understand the community our organization serves
  • How to use what we are learning to improve our work and initiatives
  • How we can help our community solve problems and improve the way people and organizations work together
  • What it means to hold genuine authority, authenticity, and accountability in our work - and how we can stay true to those values
Keep an eye out for future blogs about insights, lessons learned, aspirations, and actions from everyone attending The Lab.

Aspirations to Actions is strengthening the impact of people, organizations, and communities — in the community. Working with Richard C. Harwood and The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation’s coaches since 2014, The Patterson Foundation supports strengthening efforts in our region by training nearly 200 people representing diverse geographic areas and issues in Southwest Florida during public innovator labs. With group-learning sessions and consultants provided by The Patterson Foundation, individuals and teams are making a difference.

To contact Deborah: dgauvreau@thepattersonfoundation.org
Join Deborah on Twitter: @DeborahGauvreau

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