Come together to make a better community for everyone

Come together to make a better community for everyone

Posted on November 05, 2015 by Beth Doyle

Editor's Note: This is the third installment in a five-week series featuring extended video interviews with 10 public innovators in our region trained by The Harwood Institute of Public Innovation. As The Patterson Foundation begins supporting the second-year journey of Aspirations to Actions, the innovators are sharing their reflections from their first year of engaging in our region.

Moving the community forward … convening diverse communities … being a safe place for people to meet … interacting and collaborating with other teams --these are just a few of the learnings that emerged for Sarasota Library System's Ann Hardy over the past year as she participated in the Aspirations to Actions initiative.

Alicia Chalmers, a consultant to The Patterson Foundation focused on the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, shared insights on how doing Community Conversations exclusively in Spanish made a big impact.

In addition, listening to a variety of different groups interested in grade-level reading demonstrated how the community cares, how this is a movement, and how there can be change.

As Ann says,“we can come together and make a better community for everyone.”

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