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Building Trust and Understanding Through Connections

Posted on May 13, 2024 by Cheri Coryea, consultant with The Patterson Foundation

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes within a community, and when you use the power of connecting, learning, and sharing, it creates a chain reaction that brings the community closer together. The power of connecting has recently been seen in the efforts of all DeSoto-based organizations, The Harwood Insitute's Community Conversations, the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading's various endeavors such as Remake Learning Days and THIS BOOK IS COOL! (TBIC!), Digital Access for All, and Aspirations to Actions. But what does that mean, and what does it look like?

It means a chain reaction is occurring in DeSoto County, with new connections being forged, allowing people to share and learn from one another. 

Here are just a few examples of how The Patterson Foundation is creating connections with people, organizations, and communities in DeSoto:

  • From 34 (2023) to 96 (2024) Remake Learning Days Events in DeSoto
  • 200+ students who reside in DeSoto County are registered to participate in TBIC!
  • 20 A2A Conversations in Community with 427 residents
  • 24 Harwood Community Conversations in 2024 with 300+ new resident connections
  • 310 people attended the DeSoto Solutions to Actions Dive Into Discovery community event on October 2023
  • 353 communications survey responses from residents sharing with us how they get their information
  • 800+ digital subscribers of TPF's DeSoto Digest newsletter
  • 750+ DeSoto Digest hardcopies printed in English and Spanish and distributed every month
Delivering this monthly newsletter virtually and through 750 hard copies in various locations across DeSoto County has facilitated relationship-building and interest in the power of connecting, learning, and sharing by all who care about DeSoto County, which continues to create new possibilities.

The power of learning is made possible through active listening, engagement with diverse individuals, and fostering connections within the community. By being present and involved, we've identified and connected with 60 organizations that serve DeSoto County in all areas of need and are now connected.

The power of sharing has evolved into linking information and people together, creating a more informed and engaged community and helping people who have been invisible become visible.

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