Aspirations to Actions: A multilayered gift that keeps unwrapping

Aspirations to Actions: A multilayered gift that keeps unwrapping

Posted on October 29, 2015 by Beth Doyle

Editor's Note: This is the second installment in a five-week series featuring extended video interviews with 10 public innovators in our region trained by The Harwood Institute of Public Innovation. As The Patterson Foundation begins supporting the second-year journey of Aspirations to Actions, the innovators are sharing their reflections from their first year of engaging in our region. 

The process and practice of turning outward and marrying public knowledge with expert knowledge are powerful ways to make connections. Throw in a dash of “intentionality” and an ounce of “authenticity” and you really have to believe it makes a difference.

United Way of Charlotte County's Carrie Blackwell-Hussey and United Way of Manatee County's Philip Brown speak to how working together and building trust helps everyone do better by forming connective tissue: people to people … people to organizations … organizations to community … community to communities.

As Carrie reveals, the process is like “a multi-layered gift that keeps unwrapping itself.”

  • Learn about these and other concepts used in TPF's approach to philanthropy.


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